PERFECT LIP BOX was created in 2015 from a little dream of sampling every shade without breaking the bank. Out of Brooklyn, NY Founder Jennifer Gonzales has created a solution to the common household problem of finding the perfect lip.

Lipstick can change your everyday makeup to a more glamorous look, a natural summer look, or a fun edgy rockstar look. We all have our personal go to shades. If your like me, you walk into a makeup store and go directly to your preferred lipstick colors.
Shades can be very similar, so you find the applicators, carve a little bit off the tube, look for the nearest mirror and attempt an application from a q-tip or disposable lip brush. “Hmmm… do I like this color?” How many times are you willing to wipe and start over, while you wiggle through the swarms of people around you. I am a one attempt kinda gal, so lets hope it’s a keeper!

Like most of you, I follow countless Instagram accounts of makeup artists and independent lipstick companies. An array of new colors that I want to try on my pout!  So I searched and searched for a company that can help me get my hands on some of these colors without breaking the bank or investing money into a tube that I don’t end up liking. Nothing to be found….

So I threw down my Lux De Ville handbag and got to work!!

We bring to you The Perfect Lip box. A box designed to give you options on lipsticks you never in a million years might have tried. The opportunity to test textures, long wear, glossy vs. matte, and undertones. The types of undertones that work with your complexion! The best part is, you have the ability to test these lipsticks in the comfort of your own home….. A whole world of options just opened!

For comments, concerns, feedback or support email us at

jennifer@perfectlipbox.com or ph: (917) 818-1633